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Saturday, April 07, 2012


I have landed in Shanghai and made my way to my hotel! It's been one really long day. My body is vibrating in a way that's not usual. The flight to LAX was quick and uneventful. The flight from LAX to Shanghai was surreal.

To begin with, we were flying north and east. We basically flew the coastline from LA to Vancouver, Alaska, crossed the Bering sea and then went down along part of Russia and right over Japan... hiroshima and nagasaki were right out the window. The whole way though, we chased the sunset, so it was like 10 hours of perpetual evening followed by actual evening for 4 hours. Nightfall hit right as i landed in Shanghai.

I actually slept in brief fits for 2 or 3 hours at the end of the flight. Thank you benadryl. Jingjun, my coworker here, and vp of product development met me at the airport and we took a bus to my hotel.

Shanghai at night is a city of lights. Not just lights but moving lights. An entire bridge had a moving wave of light that changed colors. A nearby high rise shimmered with moving colors. Like 100 or more floors. The place does feel a little like blade runner. I hope they got all the replicants.

So i am in the downstairs lounge. Outside the lounge when i first came down from my room a young chinese woman dressed rather provocatively asked if i wanted a massage. Emphasis on the "massage". I guess math isn't the universal language after all. I declined and wondered if dawn would get the same consideration when she arrives.

Now i am waiting on a ham and cheese sandwich (68 RMB - about $12)and drinking a Chinese beer. Yeah, hotel food, but i expect rapid decompression here soon. I am way tired.

So, for now... have fun!

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