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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Packing for Shanghai

I've gotten very used to domestic travel - throw stuff in a suitcase and be done with it. However, international travel is a little different. Today I called all my credit cards and let them know of travel plans. It was important to tell them Dawn is traveling a week later because their fraud department would be like "hey, charges in China AND Texas? No."

I'm also having to pay all the bills in advance and charge up all the devices in prep for the long trip. I've been reading on the NPR top 100 science fiction books list on my Kindle ( I'm finishing the Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time and will then read Hitchhikers, possibly one of my favorite series, for the umpteenth time. I typically can't sleep on planes, and with a 14-hour flight, a fully charged kindle (and shuffle and video iPod) are a must.

I've made copies of important documents, added them to (local) email so they can be accessed that way if necessary. There's a ton of stuff sitting outside the suitcase ready to go in. It's actually less than I expected.

I want to bring a gift to the team in Shanghai, and I asked the director of the group over there what folks would like. Essentially anything made in the US is good, but a special request for a frisbee ("flying saucer/flying disc") was made. This is for lunch time sport in the garden area around the building; team building. Can do!

There's a lot yet to do today: finish packing, catch up on school (I am woefully behind this week because of travel activities), prep estimated Taxes (boo!!), and of course work. I'm wrapping up some projects that need completion today. I think I'll make it.

I'm wearing my travel watch that I got in Amsterdam. If you know me, you know I hate watches, but this one is an exception. It shows dual time zones in an analog face. A great watch.

Jen's driving service comes and picks me up tomorrow at 10am, for arrival around 10:30 at the airport. Then, off I go to LAX. Gotta run, lots to do!

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