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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Following in the footsteps of my wise younger brother, Jonathon:

"If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, please post a memory of you & me. It can be anything you want; be it good or bad, just so long as it happened. Then, post this to your journal. See what people remember about you..."


It's 11:33am. Do you know where you mind is?

Mine is outside. I'm sitting in my cube, thinking Spring-like thoughts. I have a ton of stuff to do at work, 2 papers due tonight for this last class (2 weeks, 12 hours, 36 minutes to go), and I'm sitting here with blog-like thoughts dancing in my head. They are dancing because I'm listening to Ministry of Sound as well.

Hmmmm... this weekend Dawn and I had Easter lunch with her folks and we met them at a place called "The Ranch House". This is a place in a small city near where they live. It happens to be in the back of a truck stop. We pulled into the location and realized we were about to dine in a convenience store.

Fortunately, the truck stop was rather large and contained a full restaurant in the back of it that turned out to be quite hospitable in a "I've been working in the fields all day and now I'm hungry like a horse." kind of way. However, the food was very good (especially the biscuits). Easter Lunch special? Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, and a veggie. I had grilled chicken and shrimp.

From there we went to have lemon meringue pie at Dawn's Aunt & Uncle's house. Had some Darjeeling tea from England which was awesome. There, they discussed small town things like "the accident at the traffic light last Wednesday" and so on. These aren't small-minded people; don't get me wrong. I just found it amusing to consider a single traffic light and knowing a specific accident. In San Antonio, each night I can turn on the news and find out about at least 5 or 10 people who have wrapped themselves and their vehicles around objects people normally wouldn't like to be wrapped around (trees, telephone poles, people's living rooms, pedestrians crossing the street, overpasses, underpasses, 18-wheelers, other cars, and so on).

Actually, living in a town where accidents are rare sounds nice. Perhaps one day.

So. I'm in this mental place where everything is in limbo waiting to finish. Yesterday was a fantastic day at work--I had another innovative moment that really turned out very well. Today, humility came in and reminded me not to be too arrogant by providing me a ton of crushing work. Everything is in proper balance lol.

OK. I think I'm about done. Simmering at 375 degrees and I smell very good.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Hello; I've been busy working and going to my LAST class (3 weeks, 1 day left) so the post quantity has been low. I realized the other day that I'll be graduating a day after my wedding anniversary and that reminded me that the Texas spring flowers will be in hearty full bloom. I find this appropriate.

Class ends on a Wednesday, as they always do, and I'm taking off the next four work days to be consumed by relaxation, sleep, mental adjustment, and serious game playing. In the evenings, I'll be spending time with my ever-patient wife. Some friends are coming in to town and we're going to go to the leaning Liberty Bar and to Enchanted Rock (not at the same time, or even after each other) to get in some good clean air and distance from "it all". This is also a highly appropriate event.

I've been sensing that shift from one perception to another: work and school intense mode from the last 3 years to the upcoming evening freedom and mental relaxation. It'll be nice to think differently. I've noticed the tensions beginning to melt away slightly (being sick for 4 weeks assisted this, but the antibiotics-round 2-made all the difference).

The Mountain Laurel is in huge purple bloom right now and I only wish they hung around longer. They only bloom a few weeks out of the year and they smell like ambrosia. I imagine the isle of the syrens are covered with them. A nice place to live.

So, nothing of real substance for today I suppose. I picked up a book (two actually) on Immanuel Kant to understand his critique of reason. I kind of like his ideas, so far. Let's see what he has to say. I am also reading a book by Kim Stanley Robinson on Antarctica. He's the author of the Mars series I liked so much. I am also reading a 995 page book on XSLT 2.0, the latest specification of the programming language I use every day. It's rather intense but interesting.

Oh well. Off to keep working and such. Later!

Friday, March 04, 2005

La La La La...

Yo, d00d the surf is up and the sand is hot. I'm out there, riding the waves, not a care in the world. The gulls are yapping overhead. My girl is sleeping and tanning beside me. This deep breath is so meaningful.

Yawn... carelessness should be a profession.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Galactic-Scale Disorientation.

Do you ever have one of those days where you come home from work and you're exhausted and you take an unexpected nap. Then, you sleep just a little too long and when you wake up you feel like you are in another dimension or galaxy or universe? That sense of disorientation is what I'm experiencing right now as I look up from the last week.

I'm going for "most sick person" record this past 6 months. On Saturday I woke up with a little scratch in my throat that turned into some kind of horrible sinus/chest infection. I've been trying to exchange air for green mucus apparently. This is one of the weirdest chest colds I've had that I can remember. Almost as bad as the near-pneumonia of '99.

I stayed home Monday through Wednesday and am only today returning to work and I feel like a different person--like I had 5 solid days of semi-consciousness to contemplate existence. Today I am at work and everyone's got an issue, but it's not penetrating the outer crust yet. Which is fine; I am relaxed. And sweating profusely. This is me completely unconcerned.

On to more esoteric discussions. Health is so boring, and when sick, disgusting at best. My Internet Concepts class is finally over (last night)--and I am so relieved. This was my final core class for my BSIT curriculum at the University of Phoenix. All I have left is my capstone course which is a reflection on learning, ethics, and stuff like that. Fortunately I am very good at reflection, so I anticipate a smooth ride out. It starts on the 10th.

So now I enter the Week of Summer Vacation (as I called each week between my 5-week courses for the past 3 years). This is a time of intense partying, carrying on, going to the beach, finding some girls, getting into zany adventures, and waking up with obscene permanent marker messages all over my body and crop-circle-like arrangements of beer bottles around my inert, drunken form. It's possible this is a movie and not me.

Nevertheless, this last week will be spent shoring up the immune system and readying myself for the final class. I still hold true to this sickness stuff (here I go again) being a gateway through which I find health again because I'm on the upswing of a long battle with uncentered-ness and self-imposed stress. Like hate is so close to love, health can be so close to sickness. I choose health, and move through a few sicknesses to get there.

As a fun exercise in my last class, we talked about blogs and I provided mine as a link. Immediately I was bombarded by classmates who proffered articles about people being fired from their jobs because they slandered their profession and company in some way. Well, to that I say I was misinterpretted. Let me in turn slander my class a little: grow up. It's just opinion. Not fact. I've never said which company and I've never said stuff bad about it--just about work concerns in general. And those are my perceptions of work concerns. So, well, bite me. (Except Julien, who was just looking out for my well being; thanks man).

Well, I didn't know I had so much to say. At the end of class I started making these cool connections about publishing and how we as a people are just barely getting our foot in the door of publishing in multi-media. We really are still print-oriented, trying to deploy print into new ways of publishing content. But, I felt we need to push further and really look into content publishing in new media. I was kind of proud of my last discussion summary question. Perhaps it was the beginning of a new paradigm of publishing. The seed of my future great works that people will respectfully ignore.

There's something going on in the world about social security and whatever, but I am distinctly not paying attention. Something about raising the working age? Whatever.

Paladin Daniel has been sending me stuff the last couple of days. He always helps me out when I fight for health. He's right there, sword in hand, righteous, indignant... I think I'll go write out his message for you, my hapless readers.