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Monday, April 11, 2005

T-Minus 3 Days and Counting.

There's this cool computer game I played a year or so ago called Medal of Honor Allied Assault. It's a war-type game where you are an infantryman in one of the dread historical battles on our world. There's this feature of the game where if a bomb or mortar went off near your character the game would slip into "disoriented" mode, where the viewscreen (as perceived by your eyes) would tilt randomly and dazedly. Vision was blurry and sound was distant and hazy.

I feel like that right now. I am looking at 3 days left of school and it feels like I've been dazed by a mortar shell.

Fortunately, in the game, the haziness clears up and I can get back to killing Nazis. The sniper rifle is particularly satisfying. Now for those of you who are RSS-feeding this blog or are just concerned about its content and the stability of my mind--it's a game. I'm not going to kill anyone. Sheesh. Lighten up already.

The graduation party on Friday was great -- it was enough and not too much. Cynthia did a great job of balancing my weird disorientation about being the center of attention with being recgonized for a damn fine job.

I started looking at some statistics on my 3 years of schooling just for the "fun" of it:
  • I've written 97 primary responses to "discussion questions"
  • I've written 427 papers on 25 different main topics
  • I've posted 12,127 individual posts expressing my opinion (damn, I am opinionated)
  • I took 25 5-week courses
  • I have a 3.95 GPA (graduating with honors!)
  • I met 165 new students but never heard their voice or saw their face (except 1, PAUL!)
  • I met 25 teachers but never heard their voice or saw their face
  • I spent about 70 hours per class online (based on average of 2 hours/day for 35 days per course)
  • I spent about 1,750 hours online for the entire program (70*25). This seems low to me.

It's time for vacation. Soon, soooooo soon.

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