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Monday, April 25, 2005


Dawn and I interacted with an alligator this weekend. No, not at the zoo, but on a nature hike at the Mitchell Lake wetlands area south of town. Dawn's looking at the place as a potential employment opportunity and so we decided to go wander some. They warned us there was a gator out there, and I, jumpy as always, was on the lookout. Around the back end of a trail next to a pond (which I would call lake) I spotted "Alfred" along a far bank about 30 meters away. Alfred was 8-10 feet long and beautiful. No cages, no nothing. We stepped forward a couple of feet and he slunk ever so slowly into the water, dissappearing completely into the murky pond. I suddenly felt like a wildebeast and visions of Discovery channel swam into view and I saw Alfred lunging from the water only to grab the hapless beast into the pond for death and digestion.

I told Dawn that she, being smaller, would be the first to be eaten. We walked briskly the other direction.

The wetlands and lake area are really untouched and raw. We saw a lot of birds (water birds, mostly) including a noisy fellow who was apparently disturbed by our investigation of his little inlet. The Audubon society took over this area and it's really quite amazing so much nature exists untouched so near a city. We didn't see snakes, but we were warned against them. Talk about your non-conventional workplace hazards. I can see the insurance claim now: "Eaten by alligator". Dawn had a dream about being chased by an alligator two days ago. Hmmmm.

I feel slightly Ghengis Khanish today. There's a lot going on and I feel resistant to the change, bloodthirsty in my individual take on everything. Perhaps its the sunburn from the hike. Perhaps it's the giant list of issues that arrived on my e-mail doorstep as I walked in today. When is there a break? When do we Americans realize its not all about work work work work work until you have a heart attack and then get to rest, if you survive?

What a load of belief systems. Need to work on accepting those so I can choose other ones. Oh well, off to work issues in a bloodthirstily lazy way.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day! I hear you on the work, work, work issue. I am facing a month of insanity while I work AND take classes for my real estate license. Then I also just agreed to basically give up my summer to be my bosses #1 back up during the crazy season. Well I know I created and chose this reality, because after I quit my last job where I was only working about 28 hours a week (so I could have tons of free time and also do theater) I suddenly felt like I was in a place mentally where I just wanted to make a bunch of money and possibly buy a house. Well it looks like that's exactly where I am heading. I think it's okay to be where I am as long as I do realize it's a choice and not programming. I hope it's not programming. -nes

Anonymous said...

Time for you to post again. *NODS* -jonathon

Marius said...

Bloodthirstily lazy? And you say you worry about orginality. ;-)