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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Hello; I've been busy working and going to my LAST class (3 weeks, 1 day left) so the post quantity has been low. I realized the other day that I'll be graduating a day after my wedding anniversary and that reminded me that the Texas spring flowers will be in hearty full bloom. I find this appropriate.

Class ends on a Wednesday, as they always do, and I'm taking off the next four work days to be consumed by relaxation, sleep, mental adjustment, and serious game playing. In the evenings, I'll be spending time with my ever-patient wife. Some friends are coming in to town and we're going to go to the leaning Liberty Bar and to Enchanted Rock (not at the same time, or even after each other) to get in some good clean air and distance from "it all". This is also a highly appropriate event.

I've been sensing that shift from one perception to another: work and school intense mode from the last 3 years to the upcoming evening freedom and mental relaxation. It'll be nice to think differently. I've noticed the tensions beginning to melt away slightly (being sick for 4 weeks assisted this, but the antibiotics-round 2-made all the difference).

The Mountain Laurel is in huge purple bloom right now and I only wish they hung around longer. They only bloom a few weeks out of the year and they smell like ambrosia. I imagine the isle of the syrens are covered with them. A nice place to live.

So, nothing of real substance for today I suppose. I picked up a book (two actually) on Immanuel Kant to understand his critique of reason. I kind of like his ideas, so far. Let's see what he has to say. I am also reading a book by Kim Stanley Robinson on Antarctica. He's the author of the Mars series I liked so much. I am also reading a 995 page book on XSLT 2.0, the latest specification of the programming language I use every day. It's rather intense but interesting.

Oh well. Off to keep working and such. Later!

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