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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Galactic-Scale Disorientation.

Do you ever have one of those days where you come home from work and you're exhausted and you take an unexpected nap. Then, you sleep just a little too long and when you wake up you feel like you are in another dimension or galaxy or universe? That sense of disorientation is what I'm experiencing right now as I look up from the last week.

I'm going for "most sick person" record this past 6 months. On Saturday I woke up with a little scratch in my throat that turned into some kind of horrible sinus/chest infection. I've been trying to exchange air for green mucus apparently. This is one of the weirdest chest colds I've had that I can remember. Almost as bad as the near-pneumonia of '99.

I stayed home Monday through Wednesday and am only today returning to work and I feel like a different person--like I had 5 solid days of semi-consciousness to contemplate existence. Today I am at work and everyone's got an issue, but it's not penetrating the outer crust yet. Which is fine; I am relaxed. And sweating profusely. This is me completely unconcerned.

On to more esoteric discussions. Health is so boring, and when sick, disgusting at best. My Internet Concepts class is finally over (last night)--and I am so relieved. This was my final core class for my BSIT curriculum at the University of Phoenix. All I have left is my capstone course which is a reflection on learning, ethics, and stuff like that. Fortunately I am very good at reflection, so I anticipate a smooth ride out. It starts on the 10th.

So now I enter the Week of Summer Vacation (as I called each week between my 5-week courses for the past 3 years). This is a time of intense partying, carrying on, going to the beach, finding some girls, getting into zany adventures, and waking up with obscene permanent marker messages all over my body and crop-circle-like arrangements of beer bottles around my inert, drunken form. It's possible this is a movie and not me.

Nevertheless, this last week will be spent shoring up the immune system and readying myself for the final class. I still hold true to this sickness stuff (here I go again) being a gateway through which I find health again because I'm on the upswing of a long battle with uncentered-ness and self-imposed stress. Like hate is so close to love, health can be so close to sickness. I choose health, and move through a few sicknesses to get there.

As a fun exercise in my last class, we talked about blogs and I provided mine as a link. Immediately I was bombarded by classmates who proffered articles about people being fired from their jobs because they slandered their profession and company in some way. Well, to that I say I was misinterpretted. Let me in turn slander my class a little: grow up. It's just opinion. Not fact. I've never said which company and I've never said stuff bad about it--just about work concerns in general. And those are my perceptions of work concerns. So, well, bite me. (Except Julien, who was just looking out for my well being; thanks man).

Well, I didn't know I had so much to say. At the end of class I started making these cool connections about publishing and how we as a people are just barely getting our foot in the door of publishing in multi-media. We really are still print-oriented, trying to deploy print into new ways of publishing content. But, I felt we need to push further and really look into content publishing in new media. I was kind of proud of my last discussion summary question. Perhaps it was the beginning of a new paradigm of publishing. The seed of my future great works that people will respectfully ignore.

There's something going on in the world about social security and whatever, but I am distinctly not paying attention. Something about raising the working age? Whatever.

Paladin Daniel has been sending me stuff the last couple of days. He always helps me out when I fight for health. He's right there, sword in hand, righteous, indignant... I think I'll go write out his message for you, my hapless readers.



Anonymous said...

Hey there, just want to let you know I'm still reading! As for being dooced (dooced: to lose one’s job because of one’s website)I also think you are fine as long as you don't mention any names. Still big corporations can be pretty unreasonable on this issue so I recommend not gving the address out to anyone you work with. Or you could do a disclaimer. Example:
Anyway, I'm probably now being one of those annoying people who need to chill out. I'll admit I am overly paranoid from having my last blog randomly discovered by someone I was bitching about. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! -nes

SumariMike said...

Nes, thanks for still reading and for the disclaimer link. I've added it to the bottom of my right-pane! Well, I don't mind the feedback about being careful about getting dooced--the difference is being force fed it, which you did not do.

Perhaps one day the damage caused by your blog-unfriendly crasher will dissipate and you can continue your own writing in peace! I for one, if invited, will be a glad attendee to what you choose to reveal.