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Monday, December 27, 2004


I spent a few too many moments agonizing over the title, so this entry is untitled. Sometimes it's hard to find a single word that sums up everything going on, so you can fill in the blank yourself.

So. What's been going on? I've discovered I react in extremes to things. For example, working out (yes, why don't we make this about the recent "I feel fat" blog entries). In my mind, instead of creating moderate goals, I create these UberGoals that I must meet. So, when on one day I don't want to workout, I have failed and therefore the whole infrastructure collapses. Basically, I realized that I need a more moderate approach to goal setting and goal accomplishing. To help, I found this kickass software, Mind Manager, which is the coolest software I've ever seen. It's a tool for recording thoughts in an abstract way, kind of like the way I think. I've using the 21-day demo to see if I like it. Already it's helped me sort some stuff out. I'll post an image later of my thoughts (you are warned!).

Of course, extremism is not limited to weight. I think this way about work and leisure (aka work hard play hard). Add to that a cycle of habit and I end up working a ton, then coming home and force-relaxing where I do relaxing things highly focused for hours. Yeah, very relaxing. No wonder I am tired a lot.

In other news I've been doing genealogy research (I force-relaxed that this past weekend), and have found some interesting results. Not to slight any other side of the family that I haven't investigated yet, but I found a highly probable link to an ancestor, George Soule, who was a Pilgrim on the Mayflower!! Another line, Hart, landed in Hartford, Connecticut. They were important in the formation of that area. Kinda neat stuff!

The most exciting news of course is that I got over the main burst of Cedar Fever. Finally, the runny nose and sore throat and flu-like symptoms went away. Now, everyone else around me has it. Clearly, I paved the way into the new world of post-cedar fever madness. Now, I just need to maintain health through the new year until, sometime in March, the cedar stops it's relentless march of plague-ridden doom across South Texas and the sensitive nostrils contained therein.

Next? Well, I am going to try resuming working out today. I took the last two weeks off (it feels like 200) to gorge on holiday food and try to do everything I could to keep cedar suffocation at bay. I think once, in cedar-riddled brain fever I even prayed to Santa.

Make sure you watch any episode of Star Trek Voyager. Also, find and watch The Rabit-Proof Fence. It's a must.

Finally, make sure you drink beer or other alcohol the next time you are sick. It sounds insane, but I'll bet money on it that you'll feel better the following day (barring so much drinking you are hungover, unconscious, or wake up in Vegas with a new wife, husband, or Elvii).


Anonymous said...

Extremes indeed. You know, I'm very similar in that respect. For instance, in my budget. I create this perfect little budget that doesn't account for anything coming up strange, and when I overspend one week, the whole thing collapses for me.

I recognized this the last time I created a budget, and promised myself that if I screwed up one week, I wouldn't let the whole thing collapse. Well. Old habits die hard, but I think reocgnizing that we are setting Ubergoals is probably the first step.

Good luck with the working out and such.


Anonymous said...

Totally hate the ubergoals! I think I've finally conquered that mind-set on the whole working out thing. For the past 2 weeks my work out schedule got canned due to holiday parties and shopping requirements. But I am back to my regular schedule this week no problem. Just kept telling myself it was okay and I'd pick it right back up again. I mean, life is never the same so I think even to create these schedules as if nothing will ever get in the way is setting an impossible goal. Also, I think living with an addict helped me because now that whole "one day at a time" philosophy is burned into me. It's okay to mess up one day as long as you start fresh again the next day instead of using that error as an excuse to keep on messing up. Hmm, is that what the ubergoals are really about? Giving ourself an excuse, a built-in loop-hole, to not accomplish things? -nes