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Sunday, August 17, 2008

[travelogue] St. Cloud

And so I go... to Minnesota. Am I always this pensive before meetings? I was grouchy the last day or two and I don't really know why. It seems like I should know the reasons for my own grouchiness, but I guess sometimes it escapes me. Nevertheless, I'm here now. The flight to Minneapolis was uneventful and I sat next to a young woman rather than a huge hairy man, so bonus points.

Bob met me at the gate and we drove about an hour to St. Cloud. It's about 1 hour NW of Minneapolis, and is a nice pastoral drive, not unlike driving in Iowa or Wisconsin. I was amused to note that this morning I drove on I-35 to get to the airport and then passed it again on the way to St. Cloud, fortunately bypassing rapidly the 2000+ miles in between the two points I saw. 35 is a long north/south road.

So, I've settled into the hotel and Bob and I are going to go use our free drink tickets and then get some food. I last ate around 12:30 so I'm hungry (it's 7:35pm). Not much else to say. I know you are all biting your fingernails right now. Calm down.

This trip kicks off at least 2 more trips in September (Boston, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania) and maybe a third one in there too. October will find me in San Antonio for vacation, and we might go somewhere else for vacation also. Dawn and I have not had a single day of vacation yet this year. So, we're kind of due. Work work work. More soon.

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Karen said...

I am expecting many pictures and detailed descriptions of the food you eat while on this trip.

DancingButterfly said...

Yes, I-35 ends in Deluth, MN. My Aunt and Uncle live in St. Paul. Unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of seeing them in MN, but I have seen them on their vacations to San Antonio, Texas.