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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[travelogue] Brain full. Must get new brain...

OK. I reached overload today. This happens sometimes. The genius of yesterday is replaced with today's dullard. In the first two days I've taken over 20 pages of detailed notes about a hugely complex process. This is really one for the recordbooks. I can't go into it however, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Suffice it to say that Bob and I have a lot to analyze and sort through to make some recommendations, although what we figured out last night still stands; just with some complications. Such is the life of the solution architect.

I was dreaming about something to do with dolphins when I woke up this morning. Once again I slept strangely. I opted for a little more rest instead of working out, figuring I'd work out after work today. We had a gruelling 8+ hour day of data collection. All good stuff, but just a ton to sort through. I cut my lip on a sharp plastic spoon during lunch.

After work, the client took us to a really cool restaurant/bar called Anton's. It was in an old log cabin that had several additions. We sat in the screened-in patio upstairs, overlooking the Sauk river. The river was filled with geese, who honked and swam about all evening long. I had tilapia, a local beer, a cesar salad, and the largest popover I've ever seen. I don't even know what a popover is, but it was easily the size of my head. Fortunately, like my head, it was mostly filled with air. But, the quiet atompshere and softly flowing river helped me relax and gain a sense of balance again.

I came back and worked for a while; answered a emails from Mark, my sales minion on the lateness of the DTD I am *cough* working on. At 9pm, Bob and I met for about an hour to talk strategery and planning and all that nonsense. He gave me some good tips on extracting data from SQL to create the data model for the XML, and that gave me some good insight into how the XSLT has to be made so it can facilitate table joins and stuff like that. Just nod if you don't know what I am talking about.

Now I am catching up on emails that came in while I was out, and plotting my day tomorrow. We are ahead of schedule on our agenda, so we are likely returning home on Wednesday evening instead of Thursday mid-day. This will be good.

So, catcha layter, okayy? You betcha. Have a good niyt!

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