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Monday, February 07, 2005

Soap Opera Coffee Commercial.

The little styrofoam cup sitting on my desk is issuing the lovely smell of a caffeinated beverage. It tasts good too. The coffee, not the cup.

Is it just me or is the sound of coffee pouring into a cup like one of the most sacred sounds in the world? I get embarrassed listening to coffee being poured when in the presence of others--like I just got caught doing something I shouldn't be. The coffee dispensers at work are industrial types, so they shoot coffee out rather than pour it delicately; they don't count. Those coffee commercials with the handsome actors and actresses opening a fresh coffee can every morning and pouring a cup of java while looking outside their window from the the vantage of their country cabin into the mountains makes me have to mute the TV.

Am I weird? So-- tell me, what sounds do you find sacred? Post a reply and let me know.

Here's one I'm not embarrassed about: tree leaves in the wind, especially on colder days. I love the sound of trees moving in the wind, especially a lot of trees. That's like one of the only sounds that provides instant relaxation for me. A couple years ago Dave and I went camping at Inks Lake near Austin. That night a storm blew through and through the tent walls could be heard a high wind, lots of tree movement and distant thunder. While Dave fretted about the weather, I was so relaxed and at peace--I don't think I've slept as well since then.

So, again--tell me about the sounds in your life.


Anonymous said...

To quote Simon and Garfunkel - "the sound of silence".

In regards to the fretting, and in my self defense, I was almost swept away by a tornado once, and now I think they are chasing me.

I'm getting help.

Crickets are also nice. The woods at night, solace indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch--mostly natural phenomonoms:

Most definitely the sound of wind through the trees especially when you are out hiking alone.

The sound of my kitties purring is big.

I really like the sound of old-timey blues music being played distantly in my living room while I sit on my porch in the summer at dusk. In fact any distant sound at dusk is very calming to me whether it be children playing, dogs barking, music from the tavern over the hill, or indian drumming (I live not far from a rez).

Thunder if it's distant and the sound of rain when it's a quick summer storm.

Sound of oars slapping in the water on a lake or of boats banging against a dock.

Sound of one lone crow cawing.

Sound of a bunch of coyotes howling (actualy it sounds more like mass yipping) all at once.

Owl hooting (we have one in our back yard)

Wind chimes in a light breeze.

Anonymous said...

I love the sound (and feel) of my kitty purring as she lies on my chest. I think that sound (and rats) was the primary reason cats were domesticated. Very lulling and soothing.