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Monday, January 10, 2005


Ah the question -- and a poll for folks reading the blog. To go to commencement or not? Here's a list of pros & cons. But first, a prequel.

I have, since March 2002, been going to the University of Phoenix Online. My classes have been 5 weeks on, the 1 week off. Solid. I am ready for the break. I've never set foot in a classroom, seen what any of my teachers or classmates look like, or fallen asleep at my desk (well, ok, that one time).

Commencement is in Phoenix, AZ July 29 & 30. (my last class is actually over April 13).

So, pros for going to commencement:
-- It's freaking commencement!
-- Recognition for working my ass off, going to school, and maintaining a 3.98 for 3 years should be something to make a big deal about.
-- Arizona is pretty
-- The drive is nice
-- I won't be working

-- $$ for getting myself and interested family members/friends there
-- It's like 400 degrees in late July in AZ.
-- I've done this all online, how special is a building in a distant state and a zillion people I don't know?
-- Not graduating at the same time as any of the few classmates who have travelled with me
-- I'd rather visit my pals in NM if I am going that way
-- I really just want the piece of paper and potential green pieces of paper that hopefully accompany
-- Commencement is unimportant -- learning is the bomb!

So... feedback please. I am stuck in choice-mode.


Anonymous said...

"-- Commencement is unimportant -- learning is the bomb!"

Yes. Use the $$$ you would use to go to AZ to go do something that you _really_ want to do, that wouldn't require a pro/con list.

Throw yourself a graduation party regardless. That. And go out and get hammered, as any college graduate should after receiving the lovely degree.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with Yoni. You should use the money to have a wonderful party and then visit some friends in Arizona....or a brother in New Jersey! :) I wanted to leave my graduation early. However, mom would have murdered me, so I decided to stay.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, skip commencement, throw a party, AND THEN TAKE A VACATION!!! -nes