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Monday, March 08, 2004

Monday, 8:30am

It's that magic time on Monday.

Time for a jolt of caffeine.

Don't forget your assault weapons.
*Note: To any agencies or persons monitoring this blog, my reference to assault weapons is purely comical in nature, intended to convey in exaggerated fashion the sense of dislocation that Monday brings. It is in no way intended to convey that I am a murderous terrorist, bent on the destruction of those whose beliefs I do not share or understand. Thank you.

Here's what has to say about caffeine. And here's what some guy on the web has to say about Monday.

Draw your own conclusions.

Here's mine. Monday is about the moon, which is about night time. Therefore, we should be sleepy, or, preferrably, asleep. Caffeine is required to keep us unnaturally awake. Clearly we need Monday as an official sleep day.

Stop laughing.

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