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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

All Spammed Up with Nowhere to Go

I received an astounding 180 e-mails today, all filled with delicious spam-poetry madness. 5 of the 180 e-mails were important to me. Blessed be my spam-filter software. I love you. I really do.

It's kind of funny to watch spam evolve, as spammers get more familiar at tricking the various filter software out there. They start using more common words in the "from" area. For example, I receive e-mails from "Hourlies Q. Rejoinder" and "Aphelions J. Whycherley", these being addresses the spam engine will find so utterly unique that it can't possibly be spam. But, the filters are figuring it out and there's less and less. Then there's the creative subject lines:

"Offshoore Acccount Within 24Hours, Michael BqBT"
"Ron got some thingamajig to pull on his weiner throughout the day, after a month he's biggr"

You gotta love e-mail subjects like that. Spam as entertainment, for real.

I also love the pictures that accompany SPAM e-mail, should my filter miss it (because it was from "Atacama R. Petting"). I won't put them here because they range from cheesy to pornographically disgusting. I find most amusing and contradictory ("Hot Teens want to meet you" shows pictures of mature Russian women). Thank goodness for the "This is Spam" button. Minimizes my time with these things.

Oh well. So much for Spam. I don't like it, but I don't want some agency monitoring it because then they get to decide what is right and wrong (much like the tv media these days) and then freedom of speech becomes freedom of my type of speech, not yours.

So, I am off to finish my Earl Grey tea and to listen to some old Tangerine Dream CDs as I ingest them into my Music library -- which, attention to the RIAA, is NOT shared on the Internet so you can bite me, stupid jerks.

It must have been a long day -- I remember it all hazy-like and it makes me think of sand (which gets all in my belly button when I go to the beach).

Have a good night. It's 11:11pm here. hrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh....

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