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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fourth time the charm?

I'm back in Florida on vacation. Who knew vacation for me would entail trying to see the space shuttle launch again. This time I brought Dawn.

This is just a quick note - we're off to Kennedy Space Center to go get on the tours and see the sights. They close a lot of the up close tours on launch day and I'd like a chance to see two shuttles on the pads - it's likely not going to happen again.

I'll take lots of pictures and post them here and on my Facebook page later when we return. Bonus part of the day? Watching Star Trek this evening at the KSC IMAX. How freaking cool is that??

The shuttle launch is 2:01 pm EST on Monday, May 11. We have to get up at the respectable hour of 4am to be there early enough to dine with an astronaut for breakfast, get on buses to go out to the NASA causway, and sweat in the tropical Floridian heat. Fun times ahead!!

Catch you soon...

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